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The AO 6004 Audio Output Unit outputs four floor or language channels to IR language distribution systems, recording and/or web-streaming devices. By default the channels 0-3 are selected but the audio properties and channels can be changed by the SW 6000 on a PC.

The units can be easily daisy-chained in the DCS-LAN with shielded F/UTP or U/FTP Cat-5e cables (sold separately). The AO 6004 s designed to be used can be free-standing,

Works with DCS 6000 systems.


  • Audio output unit with 4 analogue transformer balanced outputs
  • Digital to analog audio converter
  • DCS-LAN connection by use of CAT 5e (or higher) cabling
  • Support for independent routing of up to 4 decoded outputs selected from 34 digital audio channels (31 interpretation channels + floor channel in three qualities)
  • Preconfigured settings
    • Output A - channel 0
    • Output B - channel 1
    • Output C - channel 2
    • Output D - channel 3
  • Reconfiguration with the SW 6000 Conference Management Software

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DCS 6000 Digital Conference System Brochure English PDF 641 kb

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AO 6004 CAD Drawing English ZIP 454 kb

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AO 6004 Specification Sheet English PDF 328 kb

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AO 6004 User Guide

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