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The MXC-ACC-RIB Redundant Interface Box enables redundant loop DCS-LAN cabling when used with the Microflex® Complete (MXC) digital conference system.

MXC-series conference units can be connected in a closed loop for additional system reliability.In the event of a cable failure, the redundant DCS-LAN connection to the central control unit allows all conference units to continue operating.If a conference unit fails, the remaining units are not affected.

The MXC-ACC-RIB Redundant Interface Box is inserted in the cable loop between the DCS-LAN Out connector on an MXC-series conference unit, name sign, or interpreter console and a DCS-LAN port on the DIS-CCU Central Control Unit, EX 6010 Expansion Unit, or RP 6004 Repeater.The RIB is a passive device and does not require a power supply.

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