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The Shure NFC Programming Application is a free tool that allows you to program NFC identification cards with a meeting participant’s first and last name. When the participant inserts their NFC ID card into a compatible MXC-series or MXCW-series conference unit, they will be identified by name instead of seat number.

The NFC Programming Application programs ACOS3-type contactless NFC cards used by MXC and MXCW conference units. The NFC Programming Application requires the ACR1252U contactless reader/writer/programmer manufactured by Advanced Card Systems, Ltd. The ACR1252U programmer and blank ACOS3 contactless NFC cards are available from resellers who provide point-of-sale or security equipment. Dual-interface chip/NFC cards are available from Shure as part number MXC-DUALCARD-10PK.

Requires Windows 7 or 10.

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Microflex Complete Wireless Brochure English PDF 5.28 mb


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NFC Programming Application (Windows 7, 10) ZIP

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