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The MXCMIU-FL and MXCMIU-FS front plate units are ideal for installations where a flush-mounted conference unit is required but limited space is available. The front plates contain the microphone, user controls, and loudspeaker (MXCMIU-FL only), while most of the electronics are contained in the MIU multi interface unit which can be mounted in a more spacious location under the table or in a floor pocket. The MXCMIU-FL or MXCMIU-FS connect to the MXCMIU with an included HDMI cable.

The MXCMIU-FL front plate unit features a built-in loudspeaker that provides sound reinforcement of local talkers and external audio sources except when the microphone is activated. The MXCMIU-FS does not include a loudspeaker.

Both units feature a microphone button and a programmable function button. The microphone button enables the user to activate/deactivate the microphone directly or to submit a request to speak. An LED indicates whether the microphone is on (red) or in request to speak mode (green). Alternative LED indication (green when microphone is on) can be configured through the DIS-CCU central control unit. The function button can be programmed as a Mute, Mute All, Next On, Reply, or other function through the DIS-CCU.

The MXCMIU-FL and MXCMIU-FS are compatible with MXC-series gooseneck microphones. The 10-pin modular microphone connector can be locked with a hex key to prevent unauthorized removal of the microphone.


  • Front plate for use with MXCMIU modular interface box
  • Compact design for flush-mounting where limited space is available
  • Configurable for Chairman or Delegate
  • Available with or without loudspeaker
  • Connects to interface box with HDMI cable (included)

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Microflex Complete Brochure English PDF 4.04 mb

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MXCMIU-FS CAD Drawing English PDF 121 kb

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