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The MXCMIU is a modular conference unit for use with the Microflex® Complete (MXC) digital conference system. The MIU can be mounted under the table, inside the furniture, or inside a floor box, allowing the separate front plate to be installed flush in a table or podium where limited space is available.

The unit supports one or two* front plates with microphone, loudspeaker, and control buttons connected to the two HDMI connectors. The unit can also support an analog audio signal from a microphone or audio playback device via the XLR audio input. A ground lift switch is also provided.

The MXCMIU connects to the DIS-CCU central control unit via the DCS-LAN chain, which delivers power, audio, and control data across a shielded Cat 5e cable.

*Dual Delegate operation requires a firmware update.


  • Modular conference unit for use with MXCMIU-FS/FL front plates or external audio sources
  • Compact design for remote mounting under the table
  • Configurable for Chairman or Delegate
  • HDMI and XLR mic/line inputs
  • Connects anywhere in the DCS-LAN chain
  • Requires DIS-CCU firmware version 8.4.2 or higher, and SW6000 software version 6.7.8 or higher

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Microflex Complete Brochure English PDF 4.04 mb

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MXCMIU CAD Drawing English PDF 82.5 kb

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