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The Microflex Complete digital conference system is ideal for any group that holds formal meetings -- from small city councils to corporate boardrooms to multi-lingual international conferences with thousands of participants. It gives you complete control over audio, the agenda, voting, support documents, information display, and interpretation, making even large conferences efficient and productive.

Its intuitive user interface allows meeting participants to easily control their microphone, vote, view the agenda, and select interpretation channels. Integrated NFC card technology allows meeting participants to be identified by name without additional software or feature licenses.

With a selection of portable, flush-mount, and modular conference units, Microflex Complete fits into any room design. Industry-standard Shure Microflex® gooseneck microphones (available with single or dual flexible sections) include CommShield® Technology for RF immunity and interchangeable microphone elements for excellent sound quality.


    • Portable, flush-mount, and modular units are easy to integrate into any room design
    • Integrated NFC card technology in each conference unit allows participants to be identified by name instead of seat number, regardless of where they sit
    • Control the system with tablet or PC through web browser interface or an external room control system
    • Proprietary Shure audio codec for natural, intelligible sound quality
    • Automatic Gain Control for consistent speech levels for each talker
    • Support for Automatic, FIFO (First-In/First-Off), and Manual microphone operating modes
    • Gooseneck microphones include interchangeable Microflex cartridges and CommShield Technology for robust RF noise immunity
    • Expandable up to 3,800 participants and 31 interpretation channels (with additional equipment)
    • Cable Redundancy provides improved reliability so all conference units continue to operate in the event of a cable failure
    • Optional SW6000 conference management software enables you to configure, manage, and personalize all aspects of a conference, including participant roles, voting, agenda, interpretation, information display, recording/archiving, and more

Release 8.4.2

Release Date: 12/21/2018

Release notes cover the following models:

  • MXC615
  • MXC620/620-F
  • MXC630/630-F
  • MXC640


  • This firmware release can be used to update Microflex Complete (MXC), DCS 6000, or DCS 6900 systems using DIS CCU, CU 6105 or CU 6110 Central Units.
  • Systems using CU 6000, CU 6005, CU 6010 and CU 6011 Central Units are not supported in this release.
  • Firmware Upgrade Utility (FUU) v1660, which is included in the release, is required to update MXC devices. In the FUU, MXC devices will be designated with an "-A" suffix.

New Features

DIS-CCU (6000 Mode), CU 61XX

  • Support for Microflex Complete MXC640, MXCIC, MXCMIU, and MXCSIGN.
  • Ability to setup up MXCSIGN dual side e-paper information display.


  • Support for configuring DCS LAN Redundant Loop (using MXC-ACC-RIB unit)
  • Speak Button Lock


  • Support for setting GUI language in MXC640
  • Updated UI labels to match Microflex Complete Wireless
  • FUU_Firmware_Upgrade renamed to MXC_Firmware_Upgrade_Utility

Bug Fixes

  • DIS-CCU: Exclusive Functionality does not switch a shared microphone back on when removed.
  • No audio from a shared microphone after an un-mute.

Known Issues

  • When the system uses SW6000, voting result labels in TCP/IP control strings are shifted.
  • During boot up, there may be a spike on analog out.
  • MXC640
    • Reply/request list is responding slow with more than 50/50 in their respective lists.
    • Scrolling through an agenda with 100+ items is slow.
    • When an agenda with max. items and with max. words in item name and descriptions is received, the GUI may not be responsive for a period of time.
    • Manually entered voting results are not shown if voting has not yet started.
    • The agenda subject name for a manually entered result may be wrong if the participant has not closed the voting result screen after the last voting session.
    • “Rep on” and “Rep off”' buttons are missing in the UI with chairman left button configured to “Reply.”


  • MXC and DCS 6000 firmware files are packaged together in the same release file.
  • To operate MXC devices with release version 8.4.2 with other Shure networked systems, see the following list of minimum software and firmware versions:
    • DCS 6000 8.4.2
    • SW6000 6.7.8
    • Shure NFP Programming App 1.0.3

Software & Downloads


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Microflex Complete Brochure English PDF 4.04 mb


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MXC 8.4.2 Firmware Compatibility Chart PDF 45.4 kb

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Microflex Complete User Guide English

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