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Designed for communication systems — mobile and fixed station — including police, fire, utilities, transportation, commercial, and industrial applications. Suitable for environments with high levels of background noise.

Note: For proper operation, mouth-to-microphone distance should be 1 inch (2.5 cm) or less.


  • Frequency response designed for voice communications
  • Directional mic element
  • Minimal pick-up of background noise due to close-talk design
  • Rugged, high impact ARMO-DUR® case
  • Double-pole, single-throw PTT switch designed for constant usage
  • Four conductor, shielded, bare-ended (no connector) coil cord
  • Does not require DC power for operation
  • Mounting bracket included
Microphone Type
Polar Pattern
Frequency Response
Form Factor
Model Line
Type Dynamic, noise-canceling
Frequency Response 100 to 5,000 Hz
lmpedance Rated at 150 ohms (175 ohms actual) for connection to microphone inputs rated at 19 to 300 ohms.
Output Level Open Circuit Voltage: -66.0 dBV/Pa* (0.5 mV) *0 dB = 1 volt per 1 Pascal/94 dB SPL

Additional specifications are available in the user guide.


    R98B Cartridge for 577B Microphone

    Replacement Cartridge for 577B Microphone.

    from $83

    RK6MB Microphone Bracket

    Hang-Up Bracket for Handheld Microphones (Contains Three)

    from $9

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