Adding or editing equipment profiles in Wireless Workbench tutorial

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I have some Shure wireless systems and some wireless systems from another manufacturer. How do I use Wireless Workbench to calculate compatible frequencies between all of the systems?


Wireless Workbench v6.12 includes equipment profiles for several other manufacturers. However, at times, it might be necessary to add a new profile or edit an existing profile.

Custom profiles allow you to adjust coordination requirements for your devices.

In the Equipment Profiles, there are the following options for building profiles:

  • Use the profile of an existing device to build a new profile
  • Build the new profile from scratch
  • Import a custom profile

Access the Equipment Profiles
From the Tools menu, select Equipment Profiles ....


1) Use an Existing Profile as a Template.

  1. Select the Manufacturer, Model, and Band.
  2. Edit settings for the device.
  3. Change the Manufacturer or Model label to a new name. For example, if the original manufacture is "Shure," change it to "Shure-Custom".
  4. Once you edit the Manufacturer or Model label, the Save button will become enabled, and you can save the new profile.

2) Start with a Blank Profile

  1. When you first open the Equipment Profile window, the data fields are blank.
  2. Enter the new Manufacturer, Model, Band of the new model. The Manufacturer or Model must be different than the default values that are in the default database.
  3. On the Tuning and Filter & Intermods tabs, define the settings for the device.
  4. To save the new profile, select Save. If the Save button is disabled, change the Manufacturer or Model field so they are different from the default values already in the database.

3) Import a Custom Profile

  1. To import a saved equipment profile, select Import and browse for the file.

Additional instructions can be found in the HELP menu of Wireless Workbench.

Now, perform frequency calculations as you normally would.


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