Battery power for the SCM268?

FAQ #1544 Updated August 31, 2017


When I talked my boss into buying an SCM268 to get multiple inputs into a digital camcorder, I was unable to sell him on your least expensive battery powered 4 or 6 channel mixer. As I recall the jump in price was about 800 dollars. Anyhow, question is, would it be impossible to build a battery power source for this little mixer? If so, do you have any resources for researching such a project or is someone out there already building such devices?


The SCM268 has an internal power supply and thus cannot be easily battery powered. In order to battery power it, you would need a large 12 volt battery, along with an external inverter (to convert the 12Vdc to 120Vac). The mixer could then plug into this inverter.

For batteries, something as simple as a car battery will work. 

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