Beta WB98H/C with AT2110 wireless transmitter

FAQ #4312 Updated September 01, 2017


I'm looking to purchase a Beta 98H/C, and I have an Audio-Technica AT2110 UHF wireless system that I'd like to use. Should I purchase the WB98H/C with the Shure TA4F or the wired version? And how can I terminate it with the proper connector?


Get the wireless version of the Beta 98: WB98H/C

Shure pin 1 to A-T pin 1

Shure pin 2 to A-T pin 4

Shure pin 3 to A-T pin 3



Here is pinout information for the A-T transmitter as provided by Audio Technica:
Pin 1 - Ground
Pin 2 - High Z (instrument)
Pin 3 - Low Z (mic)
Pin 4 - Bias voltage
**When wiring a microphone connect both Pin 1 and Pin 2 to shield.


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