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What are key differences between BLX, PGX, and PG wireless?


RF Tuning Bandwidth
PG = 12 MHz
PGX = 18 MHz
BLX = 30 MHz (originally 24 MHz)

Maximum Number of Compatible Systems per RF Band
PG= 4
PGX = 9
BLX = 12
*Local RF interference will reduce the numbers listed above.

Receiver Scanning
PG = No
PGX = Channel Scan only
BLX = Enhanced Group/Channel Scan

Battery Type/Life
PG = one 9 volt battery, up to 8 hours
PGX = two AA cells, up to 8 hours
BLX = two AA cells, up to 14 hours

Body pack Transmitter Power Button
PG = Multi-function push button
PGX = Multi-function push button
BLX = Tactile on/off toggle switch

Body Pack Transmitter Gain Adjustment
PG = 3 position slide switch
PGX = 3 position slide switch
BLX = Potentiometer with a range of 26 dB

Handheld Transmitter Interchangeable Mic Elements
PG = Yes
PGX = Yes
BLX = No

Detachable Antennas on Receiver
PG = No
PGX = No
BLX = Only on BLX4R model

Receiver Mounting
PG = table top or optional rack tray
PGX = table top or optional rack tray
BLX4 = table top or optional rack tray
BLX4R =table top or supplied rack mount kit

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