Centraverse Microphones - Facts, Features, and Applications

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Centraverse Microphones - Facts, Features, and Applications


What are the key differences between Microflex and Centraverse?
- Fixed, non-interchangeable capsules
- No TTL logic
- Different microphone cartridge design / sound signature

Is there any wiring/soldering involved with installing Centraverse?
- No. Each Centraverse microphone has a male XLR output connector.  The boundary microphone models have an attached 12 foot cable.  The overhead hanging models have an attached 25 foot cable with an inline "preamp."

Are Centraverse Microphones GSM Immune / Commshield Equipped?
- Yes

Do Centraverse models have TTL logic controls?
- No. Centraverse microphones are targeted primarily for sound reinforcement applications, and therefore do not offer TTL logic control of the microphone LED or Mute Switch.
- For traditional teleconferencing applications where Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) is deployed, using a microphone’s mute switch without TTL logic is not recommended.

Can I use Centraverse microphones with Skype? (Desktop Conferencing)
- Yes. An XLR to USB audio interface (such as the Shure X2u or MVi) may be used to connect Centraverse microphones to the computer for Skype/Lync/Facetime, et al.

How is a Centraverse microphone mounted to a suface?
- A gooseneck microphone can be mounted to a table/surface with the included flange mount (drilling into surface is required). It can also be mounted in a podium application using the Shure A57F microphone clip. The CVD Desktop Base securely holds a Centraverse gooseneck on any stable, flat surface. The CVD base may be mounted to a surface using the mounting holes on the bottom of the unit.
- A boundary microphone may be mounted to a surface using the mounting holes on the bottom of the unit.
- An overhead microphone includes a metal wire-form hanger and plastic aiming guide to hang/aim the unit in the desired location.

What accessories are provided with the Centraverse microphones?
- CVG Gooseneck: flange mount; snap-fit windscreen
- CVO Overhead: metal wire-form hanger; plastic aiming guide

What is the introduction date of the Centraverse microphone line?
- November 2012.

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