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I was wondering if you could possibly help me with a dilemma I have. Currently I have a wireless presenter microphone system with a standard T1 body pack transmitter, which I have found to be a quality product. However recently I have started to play the guitar, and realized the need for a wireless guitar system. Is it possible for me to take the output from my guitar and use the transmitter I currently have to make my guitar wireless? This would save me the expense of buying a separate transmitter, however the transmitter I currently use only has a 4 pin Tini Q G socket. As I'm not sure about the electronics of the system is it possible to wire up a 1/4" jack to the 4 pin plug? If so is it possible for you to detail a wiring diagram so that I can hook up some cables for myself?
Thanks for any help you can give and keep up the good work!


It is possible to hook up a guitar to that bodypack with the correct cable. We make the correct cable as model #WA302.


If you wish to build your own, you would need to connect the wire as follows:

TA4F 1/4"
pin 1 sleeve
pin 2 not connected
pin 3 tip
pin 4 not connected

The wiring of our bodypacks can be seen by clicking on the following: Pin-out for Shure bodypack transmitters and preamps - TA4M / TA4F

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