PSM 900 vs PSM 1000 - primary differences

FAQ #3865 Updated October 13, 2017


Wthe are the main differences between the PSM900 and PSM1000?


Here are the primary differences:

PSM1000 - tuning range is 72 MHz (36 MHz - PSM900)

PSM1000 - dual transmitter (P10T) in one chassis

PSM1000 - receiver (P10R) has antenna diversity (non-diversity - PSM900)

PSM1000 receiver (P10R) and PSM900 receiver (P9RA) - operate on AA alkaline or optional rechargeable power packs - model SB900; (PSM900 receiver P9R, AA alkaline batteries only)

PSM1000 - receiver (P10R) and PSM900 receiver (P9RA) - receivers have longer battery life than original PSM900 (P9R) receiver

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