SCM810 and SCM800 AUX Input Connectors

FAQ #4415 Updated September 13, 2017


Could you please tell me if the rear AUX input on an SCM810/SCM800 will accept a mic level input or only line level? If it accepts mic level, can the rear AUX connector also output phantom power?


The "AUX" inputs on both the front and rear panels of the SCM810 are designed for line level class signals.  A common application for the AUX inputs is an input for a media device, such as a music player or video player.

The AUX inputs do not have enough gain to support a microphone level signal.  They cannot provide phantom power for condenser type microphones.

Here are some details about the front and rear AUX input jacks:

  1. The AUX inputs support line level signals in the consumer and professional ranges (-10 to +4 dBu).
  2. The AUX inputs are unbalanced.
  3. The AUX input impedance is 10k Ohms.   
  4. Phantom power is not available.
  5. Both front and rear inputs are ¼" TRS phone plug connectors configured to accept a stereo signal.  Summing of the left and right signals is provisioned through a pair of 10k Ohm resistors.
  6. Monaural input signals are supported and compatible using a ¼" TS phone plug.  
  7. Both the front and rear AUX inputs are summed and can be used simultaneously.
  8. The front panel AUX input volume control is common for both the front and rear panel connectors.

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