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We are opening two separate aerobic facilities, one external to our main gym and one within our main gym, and I'm looking into sound equipment for the program.

One room is approximately 2400 square feet, external to the gym; the other is apprxoimately 1100 square feet. Both rooms have spring-loaded wood floors, mud/tape/texture walls and no soundproofing; at least two full walls of mirrors. Our external site has retail businesses located on either side of it. Both studios will need dual tape decks with pitch control and cd player, wireless mic headsets, transmitters and receivers, and mixers (did I leave out anything...). Can you help me out with info or estimates? I'm not even sure what level of equipment to be looking at and don't want to purchase more than we need. On the other hand, we need a there to be no doubt about the quality of our sound and an extremely high reliability factor.

Thanks for your prompt response. I have a deadline rapidly approaching.


You require the expertise of a local sound system contractor. Look in the Yellow Pages under "Sound Installation".

Shure products are often used in aerobics studio systems, but our products only play a small part in the entire sound system. You require an expert to evaluate your acoustic environment, design a complete sound system (that we hope uses Shure products), and install the system in your facility.

Do not attempt to do this yourself, and do not ask a music store to do this job. You require a sound system contractor and make certain to ask for references.

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