Theater Audio - WL93 or other miniature lapel mic as a headworn microphone

FAQ #3112 Updated October 20, 2015


How can I use the WL93 as a headworn mic?


1) Obtain a package of pipe cleaners from a craft/hobby store. Pipe cleaners are flexible wire covered in a soft, fuzzy material.

2) Starting about two inches away from the WL93 mic element, wrap the pipe cleaner tightly around the mic cable.

3) Mold the pipe cleaner into a "U" shape and place over the ear.

4) At the back of the ear, secure the cable to the head or neck using surgical tape; this tape is easy to remove but remains secure.

5) At the front of the ear, it may also be necessary to secure the cable to the head using surgical tape.

6) Optional step: dip the pipe cleaner / cable combination in "liquid plastic"; this material is used to coat the handles of tools and may be purchased at a hardware store.

Another design is to purchase an ear-shaped plastic piece designed to hold a single earphone; Radio Shack sells this part. Then secure the WL93 cable to this part using the pipe cleaner.


Finally, Sennheiser offers the model NB2 headset accessory. The WL93 is attached to the NB2 and the resulting combination is a headworn microphone.


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