Troubleshoot Wireless Workbench 6 Ethernet Connection

FAQ #4195 Updated May 22, 2018


I have tried Wireless Workbench 6 and can't get it to see my receivers using an Ethernet connection.


To troubleshoot Wireless Workbench 6 (WWB6) Ethernet connections, please follow these steps.

  1. Make certain you have the latest version of WWB6.
  2. Connect the computer and the receiver to a router. A router acts as the DHCP server for the devices. If you are using a switch instead of a router, you will need to change the computer and the receiver to manual (static) IP mode. We recommend using a router with DHCP for easiest setup. Many 4-port routers are available for under $50. 8-port routers are under $100.
  3. Power on the router before turning on the power to the receiver. If the receivers are turned on before the router, they may not correctly get an IP address.
  4. Check the IP addresses of the receivers and the computer. The IP addresses need to be in the same subnet. This means that the first two or three octets of the IP need to be the same. For example:
    Computer IP:
    Computer Subnet Mask:
    Receiver IP:
    Receiver Subnet Mask:
    Write down the IP address of the computer, as you will need it in step 6.
  5. Make certain that any Firewall or other security software is disabled. Many corporations have security software on their computers, and you might need to contact your IT department for assistance with this.
  6. Make certain Wireless Workbench is using the correct network adapter.
    • Start Wireless Workbench, pull down the Tools menu, and select "Preferences". Under the Network tab, you can verify that you have selected the correct adapter because the IP address will match that of step 4.
  7. On the front panel of the receivers, make certain each chassis has a different Device ID.
  8. Make certain all products are on the latest firmware. In WWB6, pull down the Tools menu and select "Shure Update Utility." Select the hardware that needs updated and click "Start Update".

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