Using the WB98H/C as a wired mic

FAQ #3317 Updated February 21, 2018


I am interested in the purchase of the WB98H/C in the wireless configuration so I can use with my current body packs, but would also like the option to run wired on a XLR mic line if needed. What is required?


It is essential to use the RPM626 preamp with the WB98H/C for wired operation. The mic mixer must provide phantom power in order to operate the RPM626. The RPM626 converts the mic element signal (unbalanced and medium impedance) into a signal that is balanced and low impedance.

The RPM626 has a TA4M (four pin male connector) that mates with the TA4F on the WB98H/C cable. The RPM626 output is a three pin male XLR connector.

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