Velcro mic mount for violin, banjo, mandolin, viola, cello,double bass

FAQ #2506 Updated September 30, 2008


Can I use RK279 with a WL183 mic? How can I fashion my own Velcro mount?


The Velcro mount in the RK279 will work, but you will have to modify the size of the elastic loop that holds the mic. A needle and thread is all you need, because the diameter of the SM11 is twice the diameter of the WL183.

Why not make your own Velcro mount?

1. Get a 2" strip of Velcro - loop and hook.
2. Sew it together on one end.
3. On the top of one strip, sew a loop of elastic small enough to hold the WL183.
4. Place one strip of the Velcro under the strings (behind the bridge). Place the other strip on top of the strings.
5. Press the Velcro together trapping the strings.
6. Slide the WL183 into the elastic loop.

And you saved the price of the RK279 that has other accessories you won't need.

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