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Hum in a Hi-Fi System or Turntable

SOURCES OF HUM It is difficult to answer the question "What makes my hi-fi system hum?" because there are many possible causes. However, the cures are simple and will eliminate hum in many cases when the outline ...

Color code for phono cartridge wiring

The color code below applies to the majority of turntables and tone arms: Left = white wire Left Ground = blue wire Right = red wire Right Ground = green wire Be certain to check your turntable user guide to confirm ...

Diminished sound in one ear of my earphones

Most likely it is due to earwax inside the nozzle or sleeve. The nozzle is the passage way for the audio signal.  The nozzle opening is very tiny.  The smallest amount of wax or moisture can cause a drastic drop in...

Reserved TV channels and registering wireless mics

Background After the 700 MHz auction in 2009, many unoccupied TV channels are shared between wireless microphones and white space devices (WSD's). A WSD can only transmit on TV channels that are unassigned to a TV station ...

1/4" TRS Stereo vs. 1/4" TRS Balanced

1.If you have a stereo TRS 1/4" cable.. is that the same as the balanced TRS 1/4" cable * Yes. but left is on one and right is on another? * Typically tip is left and ring is right, HOWEVER, this is an unbalanc...

Batteries and wireless microphones

Batteries and Wireless Microphones Benjamin Franklin first coined the term "battery" during his famous electrical experiments. Then around 1800, Alessandro Volta, a professor of natural philosophy at the University ...

Transformers - When to use and how does it work?

Audio Transformers Audio transformers can: 1) Step up (increase) or step down (decrease) a signal voltage; 2) Increase or decrease the impedance of a circuit; 3) Convert a circuit from unbalanced to balanced and vice versa; 4...

How do I wire an XLR to 1/4" adapter cable?

There are many different configurations that can be made between an XLR to 1/4" adapter. The XLR connector is pretty straight forward. It has 3 wire terminals and is standard. The 1/4" connector, on the other hand, can ...

SM57 vs SM58

The SM57 and SM58 microphones are based on the same cartridge design. The main difference is in the grille design. The SM58 was designed for vocal application and it uses a ball grille that acts as an effective pop filter. The SM...

How should I clean my microphone?

Cleaning Microphones You've finally invested in a high quality vocal microphone and your voice has never sounded better. Unfortunately, the keyboard player in your band decides he wants to use your mic during his feature...

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