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Noise problems caused by audio cable

Audio system performance will be degraded due to any undesirable and interfering voltage (developed within or external to the audio system) which evidences itself as "electrical noise". By using the proper cable type wi...

Vintage Shure Catalogs (1933-1985)

Year Type Size Model numbers 1933 Catalog 4.0MB 5N, 11N, 22N, 33N, 42, 99 1935 Catalog 5.7MB 41H, 43D, 43E, 43F, 7...

Seven Common Reasons for Wireless Mic Problems

Reason #1: Dead or weak batteries How to check: Substitute newly purchased, brand name alkaline batteries. Examine the wireless mic battery terminals to make certain they are making a secure contact to the terminals on the batt...

What does the term "dB" mean? How do you calculate it?

THE DECIBEL What is a dB? The decibel (dB) is an expression often used in electrical and acoustic measurements. The decibel is a number that represents a ratio of two values of a quantity such as voltage. It is actually a...

What is Phantom Power?

Phantom power is used with condenser microphones. It is called phantom power because there is no obvious external power supply for the condenser mic; the power supply is invisible and therefore a "phantom." The mixer sends volta...

Why should I use an omnidirectional microphone?

Six Reasons to Use an Omnidirectional Mic instead of a Unidirectional Pity the poor, misunderstood omnidirectional microphone. Though it has many redeeming characteristics, it now plays second violin to the unidirectional mi...

Human Hearing Range in Decibels

The human hearing mechanism is highly sensitive and covers a wide range of "loudness."  From the average "threshold of hearing" to the "threshold of pain."  This range is often described as...

How far away will my microphone pick up?

The Myth of Microphone Reach Shure is often asked "How far away will my microphone pick up?'" or "Which microphone has the best reach?" Both questions are based on a misunderstanding of how microphones...

Removing earphone sleeves

Shure earphones are packaged with sleeves on the stems. During periods of storage and shipping, the sleeves can adhere to the stems. Given the choice between a sleeve that is difficult to remove and a sleeve that easily comes off...

Stylus Wear and Record Wear

In 1954, a booklet was published on this subject.  It has been out of print for decades.  Shure Applications Engineering found a copy and is making it available in this FAQ. The original text has been edited and condens...

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