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Differences between Beta 87A, Beta 87C, and SM87A

For the differences between SM and Beta microphones, click on the following links: Beta models vs. SM models SM87A vs Beta 87A Benefits of the Beta 87C over the 87A?

How to insert and wear Shure SE earphones

These photos demonstrate the recommended way to wear the SE earphones. First, bend the cable near the earphone into a shape that will work as a "hook" to go around the top of the ear. It is best to make sure that b...

Difference between a SM57 and a SM57-LC ?

The SM57 "microphone" used to come in two different "packages". One was the SM57-CN which included a standard, 7 meter, XLR to XLR mic cable. The other one was the SM57-LC which came without a cable - just the mic and stand adapt...

SE Earphone Cable Removal

The cable/earphone connector is difficult to remove, and designed like this on purpose. Grasp the earphone using a piece of cloth, like the T-shirt, between your fingers and the earphones.   Do the same with y...

Technical differences between ULXD, QLXD, PGXD, and GLXD

Frequency Band PGX-D: 902-928 MHz* GLX-D: 2.4 GHz QLX-D: 176-216, 470-928 MHz* ULX-D: 176-216, 470-928 MHz* *Country Dependent Maximum Simultaneous Systems Under Optimal Conditions PGX-D: 5 GLX-D: 4 GLX-D Adv...

Can I parallel microphones into one input of my mixer?

Wiring Microphones in Parallel Connecting microphones in parallel allows more than one microphone to be connected to the same microphone input of a mixer. This reduces the cost and complexity of the sound system, since fe...

Pin-out for Shure bodypack transmitters and preamps - TA4M / TA4F

Product Model Wiring Wireless bodypack transmitters - all models with TA4M connectors MX1BP Battery/Phantom Preamplifier RK183PK Microflex Prea...

Counterfeit (fake) Shure products

It is true. There are Shure counterfeit products being sold on the Internet and in stores. Any company that has a brand known around the world is subject to counterfeit goods; examples include Sony, Rolex, Hermes, Coach, Levi'...

Difference between a Line input and a Mic input?

Here are brief answers: 1) The voltage level of the signal. A line level signal is at least 50 dB greater than a mic level signal. 2) Wired and wireless mics are typically connected to mic level inputs. Most other audio...

Reglas Básicas para Configurar un Sistema de Monitoreo Personal

Click here for English   Gracias a recientes avances en el campo del Monitoreo Personal, esta tecnología ha logrado estar al alcance de más artistas que nunca. A pesar de los numerosos beneficios de uti...

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