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Coordinate existing wireless using Wireless Workbench 6 tutorial

The Wireless Workbench 6 (WWB) software can be used to coordinate frequencies for your systems. Wireless Workbench 6 can be downloaded for free and works on both Windows and Mac. This tutorial will explain how to perform fre...

Which microphone should I use on ... ? (Selection Guides)

The following are current Shure microphones as of March 2018. Vocals Live Vocals KSM8 KSM9 Beta 58A SM58 Beta 87A ...

Help me find the frequency band on my wireless mic

The band information is printed on every transmitter and receiver.  Depending on the model number, the band information could be on the front, the back, the bottom, or inside the battery compartment. The band will be similar...

Phono cartridge alignment gauge - how to use and how to make your own

The gauge aligns the cartridge/stylus so that the stylus tip contacts the walls of the record groove at the proper angle.  Attached below is a PDF file of the gauge.  It can be printed and glued to thin cardboard if you...

Analog wireless microphones vs. digital wireless

Shure's Dave Mendez provided the following observations: It is difficult to say whether analog wireless or digital wireless systems are better or worse than one another as a rule.  In general, digital wire...

SM58LC and SM58 CN - differences

LC = less cable is provided CN = connector...a cable is provided with XLR connectors at both ends

SM7B Output Level and Preamp Gain Specifications

The SM7 (SM7A, SM7B) is a dynamic microphone. A typical dynamic mic has a lower output level than a typical condenser mic. For example, the dynamic SM7 has an output level that is 28 dB (!) less than the condenser KSM44 [cardioid...

Wireless Troubleshooting Hints

Troubleshooting Wireless Microphone Systems   Even when wireless microphone systems appear to be properly selected and set up, problems may arise in actual use. While it is not practical here to offer comprehensive s...

How do I fix my feedback problem?

Feedback: Fact and Fiction One of the most commonly asked questions in professional audio is “What microphone can I use that doesn’t cause feedback?” The answer to the question is, of course, that no such mi...

Does the SM7B need phantom power?

The SM7B does not require phantom power and is not affected if phantom power is present on its mixer input.

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