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Scan function - Recommended Method

Note 1: If there are existing, older wireless systems that will still be used, make certain they are powered up, operating, and placed on stage before beginning the scanning function. Refer to the User Guide of each Shure system...

ULX transmitter or receiver - Group displays E1 or F1

Turn on the transmitter. Hold SET button for 10 seconds. Release SET button when display changes. Use this same concept if the receiver shows E1 or F1 This function is the Master List and allows access to all 1400 freq...

Will phantom power damage my SM58?

No. Any dynamic microphone with a low impedance balanced output, like the SM58, is not affected by phantom power. Phantom Power will not damage a professional dynamic microphone.

Benefits of the Beta 87C over the 87A?

The primary difference is the pick-up pattern. The BETA 87A is a supercardioid; the BETA 87C is a cardioid. The 87C was introduced for performers using in-ear monitors. In brief, a cardioid mic is often preferred by in-ear monito...

Custom molds for earphones: how to, what, and where?

Custom sleeves offer the ultimate in personal fit, and in some cases offer even better sound isolation than the universal sleeves included with Shure in ear monitors. Note that custom molds are unique to your ear canal AND unique...

When to choose SLX over ULX wireless systems?

How many systems will be operating simultaneously? When deciding between SLX and ULX systems, one has to first determine how many total wireless systems will be operated simultaneously. This is the most important deciding factor....

Range of a Wireless Microphone System

A logical question concerning wireless performance is the transmission range of various systems. Unfortunately, the answer is much more complicated than a simple distance measurement. Ultimately, the receiver must be able to pick...

How do I connect a professional microphone to a camcorder?

Connecting Microphones to CamcordersThere are many interfaces by the likes of Beachtek, Marantz, Kopul, Saramonic, etc. on the market to help connect a professional mic to a camcorder. These interfaces are the easiest way to conn...

GLX-D Pro / Con of the 2.4 GHz Frequency Band and User Hints

There is no perfect frequency band for a wireless mic system.   Every frequency band has pros and cons. GLX-D operates within the 2.4GHz ISM band which is utilized by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other wireless devices. 2...

GLX-D firmware update

If the blue rf light is blinking and there is no audio you will need to update your components to the latest firmware. Download the Shure Update Utility from the Shure web site. Install the Shure Update Utility an...

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