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What is the difference between UHF and VHF frequencies?

Frequency Bands for Wireless Microphone Systems Every wireless microphone system transmits and receives on a specific radio frequency, called the operating frequency. Allocation and regulation of radio frequencies is supervis...

Understanding Earphone / Headphone Specifications

Understanding Earphone/Headphone Specifications Though one of the most common items in the audio chain, earphones or headphones may not always work properly. Common problems are distorted audio, low level with the volume at m...

Earphones in the Washing Machine

The odds are in your favor.  Shure earphones often survive a trip through a washing machine.  Here are the steps to take after discovering the newly washed earphones: Dry the earphones thoroughly with a soft tow...

Mic Level and Line Level -- What do they mean?

Some mixers have switches on the rear panel for setting each input jack or output jack for mic level or line level. These terms refer to the signal level or intensity. Microphone level is in the region of  -60 dBV&...

Difference between a dynamic and condenser microphone

Dynamic and condenser describe the operating principal used in a microphone. Operating principle - The type of transducer inside the microphone, that is, how the microphone picks up sound and converts it into an electrical s...

Troubleshoot wireless mic dropouts

Dropouts in wireless mics can be caused by many things, including antenna placement, bad antenna cable, antenna distribution problems, frequency selection, interference, etc. Troubleshooting dropouts will be a process of tri...

Five Mistakes to Avoid When Using Wireless

While wireless systems have freed performers from the bonds of cords and cables, they've unleashed a number of headaches for the sound crew. Getting a wireless system to behave predictably is a challenge faced by touring prof...

What is "Squelch" on a wireless receiver?

Blog Posting about Squelch An circuit that is important to proper receiver behavior is called "squelch" or muting. The function of this circuit is to mute or silence the audio output of the receiver in the absence of the des...

Locking and Unlocking transmitters and receivers

BLX SERIES Transmitter (Power & Frequency) Lock or Unlock: With transmitter ON, hold down the GROUP button, then press the CHANNEL button for two seconds. Receiver (Power & Frequency) Lock or Unlock: Power ON the re...

Can I use two (or more) wireless microphones with one receiver?

No, this will not work. A wireless receiver can only demodulate the signal from one active mic-transmitter at a time. But you may use one transmitter or the other, as long as only one transmitter is powered up at any time. ...

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