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Mic Level and Line Level -- What do they mean?

Some mixers have switches on the rear panel for setting each input jack or output jack for mic level or line level. These terms refer to the signal level or intensity. Microphone level is in the region of  -60 dBV&...

Converting a mic signal to a line level signal.

The A15LA cannot be used in reverse. You require a mic to line amplifier. Try; or

Line output from mixer XLR to mic input

To convert from line to mic level, use the Shure A15LA. This device is female XLR in and male XLR out. It provides 50 dB of attenuation. The A15LA can be used at the output of your mixer. If you also need to convert the rece...

A15 Problem Solvers - Functions of Each

All Shure A15 devices have XLR connectors. A15AS - Attenuator Switchable.  The A15AS reduces the signal level from a microphone by 15 dB, or 20 dB, or 25 dB depending on the switch position.  Here is a typical use.&...

Line Level into a wireless transmitter

Assuming the mixer has an XLR, line level output: 1) Pad the signal down to Mic level by using the Shure A15LA. 2) Connect the A15LA output to the body pack transmitter using the Shure WA310 cable.

Connecting camcorder to mixing board with XLR outputs

To attenuate a line level output to match a mic level input, use the A15LA; it is a 50 dB pad. Assuming you are recording a stereo signal, you will require two A15LA pads, one for the left output and one for the right output. ...

Dropping line-level mixer output to mic-level output

The Shure A15LA attenuator does this function. It is an XLR in / XLR out device.

X2u connected to a mic preamp

As a general rule, the answer is "no", as the signal level from the preamp will clip the input of the X2u. You could attenuate the mic preamp output to a lower level by using a Shure A15LA or a Shure A15AS.

FP24 outputs modified to mic level?

Sorry, but this is not possible inside the FP24. You will have to use an external pad, such as the A15LA.

A15LA Maximum Input Signal Level

The resistors in the A15 series are 1/8 watt. Here are is a conservative estimate: A15LA - maximium line level peak to peak audio signal: 50 volts (+34dBV) It cannot handle the output of a power amplifier because of the...

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