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Understanding Earphone / Headphone Specifications

Understanding Earphone/Headphone Specifications Though one of the most common items in the audio chain, earphones or headphones may not always work properly. Common problems are distorted audio, low level with the volume at m...

How to keep headphone earpads from smelling foul

1) Before the headphones are stored/put away, wipe off the earpads with a clean towel or a paper towel. 2) On a regular basis, wipe off the earpads using a damp rag and a small amount of Dawn dish soap.  Dawn is effecti...

Shure headphone/earphone MMCX connectors

While both SRH series headphones (1440, 1840) and SE earphones do use a MMCX connector, we do not recommend interchanging the cables. The plastic over molds were designed for the specific products and in some cases , the over mol...

Thumping noise when walking and using the E3c earphones

Is there any way to avoid this annoying sound effect? * Sorry, there is not. You are hearing the effect of bone conduction. Vibrations from walking travel through your bones and excite the inner ear. Without the earphones inser...

SRH840 headphones are too tight on my head

From the headphone product line manager: Place the headphones on a box, helmet, or something else to approximate your head size and leave the headphones on for at least 48 hours.  This will typically loosen the fit...

Creaking sound from SRH headphone plastic part

Spray Silicone Lubricant is recommended. Spray a small amount into a container and create a "puddle". Use an eyedropper to place the liquid silicone into the "creaky" plastic joint. Customer response: Tha...

Top 8 Myths about Earphones and Headphones

Myth 1: The earphones and headphones with the widest frequency range sound best. A frequency range is supposed to state the lowest and highest frequency produced by a headphone. The normal range of human hearing is approximatel...

Maximum SPL Listening Levels and Time Limits

March 2016 Recommended safe listening levels and maximum time limits according to the U.S. Federal Goverment - Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA) 90 dB SPL - 8 hours 92 dB SPL - 6 hours 95 dB SPL -...

High-Res Earphones and Headphones

About High-Res Audio definition and logo:   There are many products on the market, that have been out for years - decades even, that would satisfy the requirements for the High-Res Audio (HRA) logo.  ...

SE earbuds and iPhone Adapter

Shure has released the Music Phone Adapter. It provides the ability to use Shure SE model earphones with the iPhone and to send/receive phone calls. The part number is MPA-3C. It is most commonly found at Apple stores and at www....

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