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Mic Level and Line Level -- What do they mean?

Some mixers have switches on the rear panel for setting each input jack or output jack for mic level or line level. These terms refer to the signal level or intensity. Microphone level is in the region of  -60 dBV&...

Difference between a dynamic and condenser microphone

Dynamic and condenser describe the operating principal used in a microphone. Operating principle - The type of transducer inside the microphone, that is, how the microphone picks up sound and converts it into an electrical s...

1/4" TRS Stereo vs. 1/4" TRS Balanced

1.If you have a stereo TRS 1/4" cable.. is that the same as the balanced TRS 1/4" cable * Yes. but left is on one and right is on another? * Typically tip is left and ring is right, HOWEVER, this is an unbalanc...

Transformers - When to use and how does it work?

Audio Transformers Audio transformers can: 1) Step up (increase) or step down (decrease) a signal voltage; 2) Increase or decrease the impedance of a circuit; 3) Convert a circuit from unbalanced to balanced and vice versa; 4...

How do I wire an XLR to 1/4" adapter cable?

There are many different configurations that can be made between an XLR to 1/4" adapter. The XLR connector is pretty straight forward. It has 3 wire terminals and is standard. The 1/4" connector, on the other hand, can ...

SM57 vs SM58

The SM57 and SM58 microphones are based on the same cartridge design. The main difference is in the grille design. The SM58 was designed for vocal application and it uses a ball grille that acts as an effective pop filter. The SM...

How should I clean my microphone?

Cleaning Microphones You've finally invested in a high quality vocal microphone and your voice has never sounded better. Unfortunately, the keyboard player in your band decides he wants to use your mic during his feature...

Noise problems caused by audio cable

Audio system performance will be degraded due to any undesirable and interfering voltage (developed within or external to the audio system) which evidences itself as "electrical noise". By using the proper cable type wi...

Vintage Shure Catalogs (1933-1985)

Year Type Size Model numbers 1933 Catalog 4.0MB 5N, 11N, 22N, 33N, 42, 99 1935 Catalog 5.7MB 41H, 43D, 43E, 43F, 7...

What does the term "dB" mean? How do you calculate it?

THE DECIBEL What is a dB? The decibel (dB) is an expression often used in electrical and acoustic measurements. The decibel is a number that represents a ratio of two values of a quantity such as voltage. It is actually a...

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