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Five Mistakes to Avoid When Using Wireless

While wireless systems have freed performers from the bonds of cords and cables, they've unleashed a number of headaches for the sound crew. Getting a wireless system to behave predictably is a challenge faced by touring prof...

Reserved TV channels and registering wireless mics

Background After the 700 MHz auction in 2009, many unoccupied TV channels are shared between wireless microphones and white space devices (WSD's). A WSD can only transmit on TV channels that are unassigned to a TV station ...

Batteries and wireless microphones

Batteries and Wireless Microphones Benjamin Franklin first coined the term "battery" during his famous electrical experiments. Then around 1800, Alessandro Volta, a professor of natural philosophy at the University ...

Reglas Básicas para Configurar un Sistema de Monitoreo Personal

Click here for English   Gracias a recientes avances en el campo del Monitoreo Personal, esta tecnología ha logrado estar al alcance de más artistas que nunca. A pesar de los numerosos beneficios de uti...

Which television stations should I avoid when using a wireless microphone?

Many professional wireless microphones use the same frequencies as broadcast television stations. Direct conflict with a TV signal causes short range or dropouts. Though it is not possible for an wireless mic ...

Educational Articles - Online booklets and bulletins

Educational Articles Expand your knowledge and get the most out of your equipment. PDF ARTICLES Antenna Set-up for Wireless Systems These recommendations are useful guidelines to help achieve satisfactory pe...

Can I use more than one PSM receiver with just one transmitter?

Yes, you can use as many PSM receivers as you want to pick up the signal that a PSM transmitter is broadcasting. All the receivers will need to operate on the same frequency as the transmitter. All the receivers will pick up the ...

How do I connect my in the ear monitors?

The in ear monitor transmitter takes its audio feed from the Mackie mixer, not directly from the wireless mics. We recommend the PSM600 system. To read more about connections, please see our Guide to PSM. Yes, a no...

Cell Phone Frequencies / Wireless Communications Devices

The cellular industry offers a wide range of consumer devices to satisfy customer needs. The term cellphone implies a device capable of voice calls and some limited data, such as texting. More advanced devices, usually referred t...

Point to point wireless using a Shure PSM system

Point to Point Wireless Audio Systems   Introduction Often it is desirable (or even mandatory) to send an audio signal from one fixed location to another fixed location without wires. This is termed "point-t...

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